Thank you, Chris. You're absolutely right — the damage done by the spread of Trumpism hasn't been reversed, and it will continue even after Trump leaves the White House.

I have faith, though, that Trumpism may gradually die out. I don't think there is another person who can harness it on a national level in the way Trump did. Without Trump himself as its vessel, how long would Trumpism survive?

My hypothesis is that fanatic support of Trump is more about his personality than it is about his ideology, which would make it quite difficult to replicate for other candidates, even if they share his views. (I'll probably write more about this in a future article.)

I truly hope the Republicans can transform themselves back into a respectable party now and put Trumpism behind them. The onus is on prominent Republicans to begin the difficult task of bringing Trump enthusiasts back to reality, and not letting this happen again.

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